Peace of Art 2016
Saturday, February 27, 2016 | 3-7 pm | Middleton Station Apartments | 7710 Terrace Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562

Volunteer at Events

CAPW has volunteered at many events including the Luke House, Mini Bratfest, UW Concessions, Chrysallis, the Soup Kitchen and more! If you are thinking about volunteering, feel free to contact us at any time.

Portrait Of Kitchen Staff In Homeless Shelter

Since 2008, CAPW has provided sessions to the cyclist and crew of the Wisconsin AIDS Ride. Creating A Peaceful World maintained a presence at the Capitol throughout the major protests in 2011, supporting peaceful energy for all individuals and interactions during this time of special intensity.

2008-2015: ACT AIDS Ride – CAPW provided sessions to the cyclists and AIDS ride crew.
2008-2013: Creating Peace – CAPW invited guests to join them in a 90 min. event in a grounded experience of peace, love and gratitude through conversation and energy.
JULY 2008: CAPW provided massage and intuitive energy healing for volunteers when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Richland Center, WI.
JANUARY 2009: Michaela brings support and peace to a 14-year-old heart transplant patient.
MAY 2009: CAPW brought love, support and healing to the Ketterhagen family in loss of a loved one.
DECEMBER 2009: CAPW brings support for family during unthinkable tragedy.
MARCH 2010: CAPW brings support to a local man in the Emergency Room.
APRIL 2010: CAPW brings bedside support to a local family.
“When my father was very ill in the hospital, we were given great support by a wonderful visit from Michaela Torcaso and Karen Wegert from Creating A Peaceful World. Their presence and actions were a comforting force in the room and very much appreciated by all.” –Dr. Chris Kammer
JUNE 2010: CAPW hosts Rae Duncan from Scotland for 18 months.
2011-2013: Day of Peace – CAPW honored a different service group each month with free therapeutic massages all day.
FEBRUARY 2011: CAPW brings their support during the capitol protests – supporting peaceful energy for all individuals and interactions during this time of intensity.
2012 & 2014: Peace of Art
MAY 2013: CAPW brings healing support to brain injury patient and family.
MAY 2014: CAPW provided chair massage at Chrysalis, Inc’s Moving for Mental Health.
AUGUST 2014: CAPW volunteered at the “Feed Your Heart” fundraiser for the victim of the “Slender Man” stabbing.
JANUARY 2015: CAPW volunteered their time at the UW Concessions and the Soup Kitchen.

CAPW has frequently provided support for individuals facing life-threatening illness or the loss of loved ones. Your generosity will allow us to broaden our outreach.